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By 前田 富祺, 野村 雅昭

ISBN-10: 4254515332

ISBN-13: 9784254515336

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Geol. Survey, Sheet 84), 1887, p. 140. , ) S e e A r k e l l , o p . c i t . ( M o n o g r . P a l . S o c . ,p t . V I I , 1 9 8 4 ) , p . 2 ? 8 , p l . x r r , figs. r-o. J. d) Loc. cit. 35), 1931, p. 4. {) In Tyruell, Stratigraphical Observations in the Stor Fjord Region of Spitsbergen. Appendix. Trans. Roy. Soc. , vol. LVII, pt. B, 1gBB, p. 694, pl. r, fig. 19. 6) Explication de la coupe gdologique des environs de Moscou. Bull. Soc. Imp. , Moscou, vol. XIX, 1846, pl. E, fig. 8d (Lucina). , pl.

Buchia c'olgensis(Lahusen). P l a t e I , f i g . 9 ; P l a t e I I I , f i g . 6 ; P l a t e I V , f i g . 1 - 2 . 1888. Aucella t:olgensis,Lahusen; Uber die russischen Aucellen. Mdm. Com. , vol. VIII, No. 1, p. 38, pl. rrr, figs. 1-1?. Woods: Monograph Cretaceous Lamellibranchia 1905. o f E n g l a n d . P a l . S o c . ,v o l . I I , p t . 2 , p . 6 9 , p l . x , Iigs. 1-2. Pavlow: Enchalnement des Aucelles. Nouv. Mdm. 1907. Soc. Imp. Nat. Moscou, vol. XVII, No. 1, p. , pl. 10a-c. Sokolov & Bodylevsky: Jura- und Kreide-Fau1931.

Entolium nummularis (Fischer) Camptonectes sp. ind. ind. . Dicranoilonta cI. ) Spath Trigonia sp. ind. Astarte cf. saemanni,,P. p o l y m o r p h a( C o n t e j e a n. ). . . sp..... Lucina aff. fischeriana,d'Orbigny Arctica ("Cyprina"l sp. nov.?.. sp. ind. ) sp. ind. Corbicella Orbiculoiileasp. ind. ) sp. ind. Astropecten P enlacrinus ct. tenellus,Dichwald X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X : Land (Signal Post 2 of Save-Sdderbergh: Pt. 182 on Rauk Plateau) some blocks of a light grey, very coarse sandstonewhich includes a large number of identical yellow casts of Tancrediar), associatedwith a few other fossils, namely two more individuals of pelecypods (unrecognisable),two gastropod casts, and the periphery of an ammonite.

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朝倉漢字講座〈3〉現代の漢字 by 前田 富祺, 野村 雅昭

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