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This dictionary is a accomplished and updated reference paintings on all features of the examine of animals. Now totally revised for this new version, with over 5,000 entries, it's perfect for college students and should be necessary to beginner naturalists and all people with an curiosity within the topic. Key positive factors of this moment version: * extensive assurance together with animal habit, ecology, body structure, genetics, cytology, evolution, Earth heritage, zoogeography * complete taxonomic insurance of arthropods, different invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals * thoroughly revised to include the hot discovery of 'extremophiles'--organisms residing in environments previously thought of impossibly hostile--and the taxonomic reclassification that this has entailed * New entries on genetics, evolutionary reports, and mammalian body structure

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There are about 4000 species, occurring mainly­in the temperate northern hemisphere. aphids See APHIDIDAE. aphotic Of an environment, without light. apical system At the centre of the Page 35 *aboral surface of some *Echinodermata, a double ring of plates surrounding a hole (*periproct) that contains the *anus.  mellifera) have achieved the highest levels of insect sociality, apart from those found among the termites and ants, with a morphologically distinct *worker caste.  There are 1060 species.

They occur from the *Jurassic to the present.  The order contains the sea hares.  Extant during the *Silurian and *Devonian Periods, these small (up to 15 cm in length) animals lived predominantly in fresh water. Anas platyrhynchos (mallard) See ANATIDAE. anastomose To join together structures, such as blood vessels, separated by the earlier branching of a single structure, forming loops or a network.  There are 43 species, with cosmopolitan distribution. Anatolepis heintzi Possibly one of the earliest jawless fish, known from a number of associated scales and fragments discovered in Lower *Ordovician (Arenig) strata of Spitzbergen.

Apistogramma ramirezi (butterfly cichlid) See CICHLIDAE. Aplacophora (Solenogastres; phylum *Mollusca, class *Amphineura) A subclass of *benthic, worm­like molluscs which lack a dorsal covering of valves.  This group does not occur in the fossil record. aplanetism Condition in which no motile stage is formed. aplanogamete Anon­motile *gamete. aplasia The failure of an organ to develop.  The scaleless skin bears papillae, giving it a velvety appearance.  America.  America. Aplodontia (mountain beaver) See APLODONTIDAE.

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