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No definite or indefinite articles are found in Afar, although the demonstratives are often translated as the definite the in the Gospel of John ('fi irik 'yab su'geh, 'woo 'yab 'yalla 1 luk su'geh in the beginning was (the) word; that word was with God, John 1:1 [see verse 9 for the same use with this]). -...... 4 below). This form has a final -h, and the resulting closed syllable has a short vowel. 'a-h fa'ea 'wo-h yar'deh yan I want this one. That one is running. 6 below). *'kay 'a koc'so rad'de becomes his this ball fell *'yi 'woo xa 'ea ub' le my that tree I saw adjectives or genitives modify the same noun.

18 A Generative Grammar of Afar 1 oo-b 1 be is in yab-'t-ee-n-irn you say-you-perf-pl-nom I,perf-heard I heard what you(pl) said. u 1 ma-m me 1 ce-em-ik ba 1 Elis bad-nom good-nom-from aeparate,impera Separate the bad from the good. 1 bar 1 te af language learn 1 wa-a-n-am 1 ma-me 1 ce laak-3rd,impf-pl-nom not-good That they lack learning the language is not good. The above noun phrase sentences have been kept to a minimum number of categories in order to simplify the description of embedded noun phrase sentences.

A 1 tu (a) 1 kah t-ak 1 me-kke aaei 1 ge you unsp NP you-eat-place I,know I know the place where you eat. When the first unspecified noun phrase is followed by the postposition -k from (a) 'kah becomes (a)'ka-k indicating source. 'lee 'ka-k t-emee 1 te-kke 1 ma-aeag-in 1 n-a (John 2:9) water unsp NP-from fem-came-place not-know-perf-he He did not know from where the water came. Noun Phrase 'a yaa'lo 'ka-k y-a 'n i -kke 'nanu 'kaa-k this so and so unsp NP-from he-is-place we n-aaei 'ge 29 him-of (John 7:27) we-know We know concerning this so and so where he is from.

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