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By González, Hebe Alicia

This dissertation offers a linguistic description of Tapiete, a Tupi-Guarani (TG) language spoken in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Fieldwork has been performed in Argentina, the place approximately eighty Tapiete households are settled in "Misión Los Tapietes", Tartagal, province of Salta, northern Argentina. therefore, the linguistic information and the result of this examine mirror the diversity spoken by means of the Tapietes residing in Argentina.  Read more...

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Assistants usually help teachers, offering personalized help to indigenous children: when the teacher has introduced a new topic to or gives instruction for carrying out a new activity, the bilingual assistant helps the children while they are doing it. g. how to represent a nasal vowel with a typewriter) to political ones (the acceptability or not of the orthographic conventions already adopted by other languages of the same linguistic family). This last topic is not less important because the common history of the two native peoples, who are linguistically related can be marked by relations stormy enough to make them unwilling to show any kind of similarity.

Due to the fact that Tapiete does not 24 Educación General Básica (Basic General Education) 28 have its own alphabet yet, bilingual assistants usually employ the teaching materials that are specially designed for children who speak Avá-Guaraní. However, both the children and the Tapiete teacher in charge of the Samaihuate school have demonstrated against these texts because of the differences existing between the two languages. (PROEIB 2000) 25 Last but not least, two problems that were mentioned were the lack of professional assistance and interest on the part of school authorities on the one hand and discrimination on the other.

19 This situation reveals each group difference of status, since Tapietes, as the group of minor status, have to make the bigger comprehension effort. The asymmetry is also evident through the different educational levels. Even if I have not been able to collect any precise datum, the Avá-Guaraní group and their Izoceño subgroup show a better educational level, as it is not rare for adults belonging to this community to finish their primary and high school. On the other hand, in the Tapiete community there are very few adults who have finished their primary school, and nobody has finished high school.

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