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By Hongyuan Dong

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A historical past of the chinese language Language presents a finished advent to the ancient improvement of the chinese from its proto Sino-Tibetan roots in prehistoric instances to trendy average chinese language. Taking a hugely obtainable and balanced method, it offers a chronological survey of some of the phases of chinese improvement, overlaying an important facets corresponding to phonology, syntax and semantics. Written through a hugely skilled teacher, A heritage of the chinese will be an important source for starting scholars of chinese and Linguistics and for a person drawn to the heritage and tradition of China.

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These four tones are not the same as the four tones in Modern Standard Chinese, although they are historically related. We will describe how the tones changed throughout the history of the language as we go. e. píng, sh‫ڣ‬ng, qù and rù, since they are the most important tonal classes that are used as a reference to changes of tones in Chinese. So far we have introduced the three components of a Chinese syllable: iniƟal, rime, and tone. When we say that sounds can change, it means that the iniƟals, the rimes and the tones can all change.

Therefore, it is obvious that in Old English these words sounded very diīerent from Modern English, and someƟmes even if the leƩers are the same as in Modern English, their pronunciaƟon in Old English might not have been the same. Moreover, some of the words in Old English might have been replaced by new words in Modern English and we cannot easily understand the old words anymore. But sƟll the phoneƟc alphabet tells us a great deal about how the language was spoken at that Ɵme. In comparison, the Chinese wriƟng system, which uses symbols called “characters”, actually disguises sound change.

2ഩA schemaƟc family tree of Sino-Tibetan 17 18 WHERE IT ALL BEGAN In this family tree the primary disƟncƟon is between Chinese, or the SiniƟc branch, and Tibeto-Burman. The Chinese branch can be further split into the major Chinese dialects menƟoned in Chapter 1. The Tibeto-Burman branch includes Tibetan and Burmese amongst other languages. 3 HOW OLD IS THE SINO-TIBETAN LANGUAGE FAMILY? Now that we have established the concept of a Sino-Tibetan language family, how old is this family and when did such a Sino-Tibetan language exist?

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