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9,27,8: dextra pars, qua et Samnites raris ordinibus aut ad circumeundos hostes aut ne ipsi circumirentur constiterant, latius patefacta stetit ‘the Roman right was drawn up in more open order than usual, as the Samnites opposed to them were standing in thinly extended ranks in order either to surround the enemy or to prevent themselves from being surrounded’ – ob/propter + gerundive: (11) Sall. Iug. 89,2: existumans Iugurtham ob suos tutandos in manus uenturum . . ‘thinking that Iugurtha would openly come in order to protect his subjects .

Regardless of the specific outcomes of the individual chapters, of their focus, or of their methodology, we are confident in our assertion that the work contained in these volumes has taken us further in our understanding of syntactic change in Latin than we have been previously, and we hope to have established a kind of standard for future historical syntaxes of other Epilegomena 5 languages. In the final chapter of this volume, we focus our attention on seven syntactic changes in the history of Latin whose explanation in a certain sense tests this assertion.

With regard to its syntactic status, the correlation of the comparative clause of degree is described as co-subordination, a situation between coordination and subordination; more specifically, it is shown how the correlative element is that which occupies a syntactic place in the main sentence, whereas the comparative clause of degree remains as an extension: therefore, the comparative clause of degree is not a true embedded structure. This feature also represents a difference respecting comparative clauses of manner, which can be considered subordinate clauses, due to their greater degree of syntactic integration into the main clause.

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