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By Andre Larochelle, Marie-Claude Lariviere

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This quantity presents a precis of the usual background of the floor beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae and over 2400 taxa) from North the US north of Mexico. less than each one taxon, the ecology, biology, dispersal energy, accumulating concepts and chosen references are given. The part on ecology includes the next: altitudinal distribution, habitat, diel job and gregariousness. The part facing biology supplies information on seasonality, mating, gravid adult females or oviposition, tenerals, over-wintering, feeding, predation, parasitism and defence-mechanism. The part on dispersal strength, or the potential of dispersal, has been assessed while attainable utilizing 3 major standards: wing , flight facts (including light-trapping observations) and different locomotory conduct. The part on gathering recommendations presents the easiest technique of seize. The part references record the main correct papers, with acceptable key phrases, and an exhaustive bibliography facing the average background of North American Carabidae is usually supplied. This paintings follows the "Catalogue of Bousquet and Larochelle" (1993), "Catalogue of the Geadephaga (Coleoptera: Trachypachydae, Rhysodidae, Carabidae together with Cicindelini of the United States north of Mexico) which supplied nomenclatural and distributional details on North American flooring beetles

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Macropterous. Occasional flier (to artificial lights in captivity). Moderate runner. Collecting technique. Raking the leaf litter. References. Lindroth, 1955a, 1963a (as fraterculum (LeConte)), and 1966 (natural history). Agonum (Olisares) punctiforme (Say, 1823) Ecology. Lowlands and mountains. , deciduous), pine stands, and flood-plain forests. Open (mostly) or shaded ground; moist soil covered with sparse vegetation or dead leaves. Mostly nocturnal; usually sheltering during the day under stones, dead leaves and plants, logs, pieces of wood, on bushes and trees, and in clumps of broomsedges.

Lowlands. Macrohabitat unknown. Nocturnal; sheltering during the day in wood debris and in clumps of broomsedges. Biology. Seasonality: January, March-December. Adults found overwintering under mullein leaves and in wood debris. Predators: bluebirds and starlings. Parasites: tapeworms. Dispersal power. Macropterous. Occasional in drift material, which indicates flight ability. Moderate runner. Occasional climber (on trees). Collecting techniques. Pitfall trapping; using tanglefoot screens; beating trees.

Ry); Hurka, Amara (Curtonotus) concreta (Casey, 1918), see Amara (Curtonotus) carinata (LeConte, 1848). Reference. Hieke, 1994 (taxonomy). Amara (Amara) conflata LeConte, 1855 Ecology. Lowlands and mountains. Vicinity of a snowfield. Biology. Seasonality: January-July, September-October. Predators: jays. Dispersal power. Macropterous, probably capable of flight. Moderate runner. Amara (Amara) confusa LeConte, 1848 Ecology. Mountains. , wheat), vacant lots, and borders of fields. , grass). Mostly nocturnal; usualy sheltering during the day under stones or under the basal leaves of dandelions (Taraxacum).

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