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By Richard Bohart and Lionel Stange

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ARGENTINA. Misiones: Iguazu (IML). -Zavattari (1912, p. 23) fixed the lectotype of Z. " Spinola originally indicated that there were two females and one male. Bohart has studied the collection at Turin and verified the existence of the single specimen that is presunlably from the type series. " According to Spinola's original description, the types were collected by M. Leprieur. It must be assumed that much or all of Leprieur's material became part of the Bouguet (or Buguet) collection, subsequently acquired by Spinola.

Holotype "Ega" (now Tefe), Amazonas, Brazil (BM). One male paratype, "Amazon" (Oxford). -As in Z. precans, the stem of tergite II is longer than usual and the distal lamella is membranous. The unusually produced male clypeus easily distinguishes it from precans. Also, the closely micropunctate scutum should serve to separate conicus females from precans when they are discovered. 40 University of California Publications in Entomology Zethus (Zethus) bequae'rti Bohart and Stange, new species (Figs.

The row of carinulae betvveen the scutum and scutellllm of dreisbachi will distinguish it from laevinodus in both sexes. Zethus (Zethus) laevinodus Smith (Figs. 7, A, B, 13, 226, 227) Zethuslaevinodus Smith, 1857. Oat. hym. Brit. Mus. 5:17. Holotype female, ]\fexico (BM). Zethus levinodu-s Smith, of Dalla Torre, 1894. Cat. Hym. 9: 12. Emendation. Zethus nitidinod'us Cameron, 1907. Entomologist 40:81. Holotype male, Mexico (BM). -Length to apex of tergite II from 15 to 22 rom. Black with ivory markings as follows: lower one-third of male clypeus, male flagellomeres beneath, scrobal spot, humeral spot usually, upper mesopleural spot, postscutellar and propodeal spots, subapical band or double spot on tergite I; subapical band on tergite II and sternite II.

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