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By J.B., Jr. Bessinger

ISBN-10: 1442651865

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The writer has tried to hide the vocabulary of the entire corpus of Anglo-Saxon verse and make the word-list as widely helpful as attainable for the final scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature.

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Sg. chest; ark (17) eard (^as) m. land, dwelling, estate, home; condition, fate (200) ~lufu (-luían) /. beloved home (426) eardian // dwell; inhabit; remain (200) eardung (^a) /. habitation (200) éare (éaran) n. sg. rising sun (1) earfetfe aj. difficult (78) earfoKe) (earfoSu) n. hardship, difficulty (78) ~hawe aj. seen with difficulty, imperceptible (1) ^taécne aj. sg. arrow (7) ^faru (-fara) /. flight of arrows ; attack (366) earm (^as) m. av. poor(ly), wretched (ly) (169) ^scaepen aj. wretched (340) earn (^as) m.

F. sg. pillow down (56) healt aj. av. low(ly), abject(ly), poor(ly), vile(ly) (92) heap (~as) m. sg. what is hard: aj. ): ^e av. cruelly, grievously; tightly, closely; with difficulty; exceedingly (261) ~ing (~as) m. bold man (261) ~raed aj. f. (pagan) temple, fane; grove, forest (72) hearm (~as) m. harm, affliction, grief; evil, calumny, insult: aj. sg. affliction (52) ~stsef (-stafas) m. harm, sorrow (40) hearpe (hearpan) /. harp (22) hearpere (hearperas) m. harpist (22) hearra (^n) m. sg.

Sg. sg. helmet of invisibility (164) heolstor (heolstras) m. hiding place, darkness: aj. sg. hair (1) heord (~a) /. custody; herd, flock; family (71) heorot (^as) m. hart, stag (5) heorr (^as) m. hinge (1) 3e-heort aj. courageous (242) -heort stiff, -hearted (242) heorte (heortan) /. heart (242) heort-léas aj. sg. sword: pref. sword-, battle-, death-, etc. sg. falcon, hawk (1) heorj? (heorSas) m. sg. interior of a hall (2) 31 her her av. here (280) here (hersas) m. armed force, multitude (63) here-líó aj.

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