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The Moroccan Arabic/Dutch Data Corpus At the Department of Languages and Cultures of the Middle East at Nijmegen University, a research project is now being carried out on Moroccan Arabic/Dutch codeswitching in the Moroccan immigrant community. It is one of seven studies at the universities of Nijmegen and Tilburg that focus on Moroccan Arabic and Turkish as minority languages in the Netherlands. The data for this research project have been collected by Youssef Azghari, a student assistant of Moroccan descent, under the supervision of Jacomine Nortier.

Moroccan Arabic/French Bentahila & Davies 1983: 313) (17) yaʕni ʔana I WAS REALLY LUCKY meaning I/TOP (Egyptian Arabic/English Eid 1992: 59) (18) bqat tfergeʕ be-d-dehk, ana IK VIND'T 3FS-kept 3FS-exploded from-DET-laughter, I/T I find it ZO'N KNUFFELDIERTJE such- cuddly toy-dim. , ana), ARABIC AND CONSTRAINTS ON CODESWITCHING 27 Then the Arabic pronoun must be followed by a pronoun from the ML before the verb. Again, this is the case whether the ML is English, Dutch, or French. This pattern is illustrated in (19) through (21), but seldom found since Arabic is typically the ML.

Jake (1994) refers to such pronouns as "discourse-thematically distinctive". Not only do these pronouns have an emphatic functions, but as Eid (1985) notes, they may serve as "anti-ambiguity devices" or to indicate "subject switch". We will refer to these pronouns here as 'topic pronouns'. Across the languages considered, however, topic pronouns have different relations to other pronouns in one language compared with another. Arabic topic pronouns have unique forms, while those in French are the same as the free-form pronoun in objective case (compare Arabic ana and French moi as in avec moi "with me").

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