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After forward and backward movements are mastered we’ll try making some turns in Chapter #3. You’ll see that linking movements requires attention to the previous step your Toddler took. For example, you can only move your left leg forward if it is off the ground. When the basics are mastered, you’ll learn to store movements and sub-movements in EEPROM and write more efficient code. All of this section is “open-loop” – that means there’s no feedback to determine whether or not you have instructed your Toddler to lean too far left or right or even to look for obstacles.

We present three approaches for programming the Toddler’s movements. Most will prefer the last method. It uses more complicated programming techniques but it is more flexible and easier to use. Experienced programmers will want to jump right to the last approach but it is worth checking out all three. Approach #1: Brute Force This approach uses explicit subroutines for each movement. Calling these routines performs complex movements. It provides an obvious way of controlling the Toddler but enumerating all 36 movements consumes lots of precious program space.

In this chapter, we look at a number of different actions the Toddler can perform including walking forward and backward. The Toddler robot can make 36 different movements. These different movements must be linked together in order to walk. Each movement has a selection of possible precedent movements and a selection of possible follow-up movements. We will also take a look at a number of different programs that perform these functions using different approaches. We present three approaches for programming the Toddler’s movements.

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