Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 193 by Peter W. Hawkes PDF

By Peter W. Hawkes

ISBN-10: 0128048158

ISBN-13: 9780128048153

The 2 chapters that fill this quantity describe instruments for learning the brightness of electron beams and for analysing the houses of mass spectrometers.

First, L.D. Duffy and A.J. Dragt introduce the idea that of eigen-emittance. 3 kinematic invariants are linked to charged-particle beams, in linear delivery mode. those invariants are referred to as eigen-emittances and a learn in their houses makes it attainable to tailor the beam to slot the applying in query. the speculation is predicated at the inspiration of sym-plectic beam shipping, an issue on which A.J. Dragt has already contributed to those Advances (Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics, sixty seven, 1986, 65—120, with E. Forest). The authors first recapitulate the fundamental concept earlier than explaining how the emittance should be tailored as required. the rest of the bankruptcy, which shape a quick treatise at the topic, provides quite a few applications.

In the second one bankruptcy, I. Spivak-Lavrov describes at size methods of analysing the houses of either static and time-of-flight mass spectrometers and of devising new designs. The optics of those tools is determined out intimately, in an try to make the thing self-contained. a lot Russian paintings is brought up, frequently from journals that aren't to be had in English translation and on occasion, aren't generally to be had outdoors their nations of foundation.

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Dβ ! ¼r Φ + β Â r Ω, ð1 + γ Þ dτ ! (5) ! where β ¼ v =c is dimensionless speed and τ ¼ c t has the dimension of length. If we except time τ from Eq. (5) by means of the law of conservation of energy and pass to the differentiation of a particle by the length of an arc of l trajectories, we obtain the equation of a trajectory of any charged particle of a beam in dimensionless variables: ! ! d2 r rΦ 1 dr ¼ + pffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi 2 dl 2 ðΦ + εΦ 0 Þ 2 ðΦ + εΦ 0 Þ ð1 + γ Þ dl ! !

Sun, Y. , et al. (2004). Generation of angular-momentum-dominated electron beams from a photoinjector. Physical Review Special Topics—Accelerators and Beams, 7, 123501. 123501. , et al. (2010). Controlling electron-beam emittance partitioning for future X-ray light sources. submitted to Physical Review Letters. ru Contents 1. Introduction 2. 3 Newton's Equations in Dimensionless Variables 3. 3 Influence of the Fringe Field on the Motion of the Charged Particles in Flat and Cylindrical Capacitors 4.

114) can be rewritten in the form À T ÁÀ1 A JZAT ¼ JD, (116) which reveals that matrices JZ and JD are related by a similarity transformation, and therefore have the same eigenvalues. What remains is to find the eigenvalues of JD which, according to Eqs. (18), (19), and (107), can be written in the block form as follows: 0 1 λ1 J2 A: JD ¼ @ (117) λ2 J2 λ3 J2 Let W2 be the unitary and (complex) symplectic 2 Â 2 matrix:   1 1 i W2 ¼ pffiffiffi : 2 i 1 (118) It has the property W2À1 J2 W2 ¼ iK2 , where K2 is the matrix  1 0 : K2 ¼ 0 À1 (119)  (120) From W2, construct the the 6 Â 6 matrix W given in block form by the rule 0 1 W2 A: (121) W ¼@ W2 W2 It follows from Eqs.

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