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By Alexander Dolgun

ISBN-10: 0394494970

ISBN-13: 9780394494975

This publication is ready survival in any respect charges. it really is attractive in it really is haunting methods and unhappy past trust. yet there's a thread of spirit that is going through it that makes you recognize Mr.Dolgun very a great deal. i used to be sorry to listen to he died so younger.

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The door of the cell opened. " I thought, Hell! I'm only at 4,150 paces. I'd been walking for an hour. Then I thought, Why stop? I nodded at the guard, still counting, and determined that I wouldn't lose the count because every step would matter just as every minute of stolen sleep would matter. I fell into step behind him with my hands behind my back, my eyes straight ahead, and walked and counted, down the corridor, up the steps to the room of the iron book, signed my name with my feet still moving up and down, and counting, counting, might as well add in every step we can, kiddo, because we're walking home, and on to the interrogation room and into it and down in the chair at last, my legs really tired and glad of the rest now, and I've got 4,450 paces and Sidorov isn't here yet.

He said that such a statement proved what an anti-Soviet prostitute I really was, threatened to jam the needle into me in a lot of original ways, and sprayed a lot of saliva around the room.

Then I got up and started to walk back and forth in the cell because as long as you were in motion they left you alone unless you did something strange. And then I began to count the minutes until the wind tun nel would start up because I had decided how I would use it. It was against the rules to talk in the cell, or make any sound. If you talked to yourself the guard would throw open the food slot and hiss at you. "Shut up, you! No talking! " Just for talking! Or if it was a good guard and he caught you whispering or muttering absentmindedly because you were half asleep all the time, he might just tap at the peephole and wave his finger or shake his head when you looked up.

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