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By Ian V. Hogg

ISBN-10: 1861261659

ISBN-13: 9781861261656

Allied Artillery of worldwide warfare

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An Assyrian relief from the palace of Nimrud, dated to the 9th century BC, shows what appears to be a six-wheeled siege tower rolling into action with archers firing from a central tower and a battering ram projecting from the front of the structure. Siege towers also reached majestic proportions. 6m) wide and was manned by some 200 men on nine different levels, the levels connected by two staircases. Three sides of the tower were covered by iron plates to make A B O V E : From around 200 BC, Roman armies made increasing use of it fireproof, and shuttered firing ports allowed the tower's siege towers.

In c. 672, and was deployed in two main ways. First, the composition was held in clay grenades, which were wrapped in burning cloths and fired from an on-deck catapult. ) The jars Helipolis, but then living in Constantinople, broke apart when they hit the enemy vessel, and the contents reputedly created a substance far more destructive. ignited. Second, and more creatively, Greek Fire was ejected in a horrifying plume of flame from a bronze tube, known as a siphon, at the bows of the ship, the tube often held in an intimidating carving of a dragon or lion's head.

Combined with the fact that sailing ships were now capable of the oceanic voyages demanded by the "Age of Exploration" (galleys did not perform well in rough, deep-water seas), the galley was relegated to the history it had dominated for so long. JJ J HHMM THE ANCIENT WORLD 5000 BC~AD 500 LEFT: Thranites and zygios "rowing benches" on the modern recreation of a trireme christened the Olympias. Note the mast stowed in the central companionway, demonstrating the desirability of having it on shore and out of the way in battle.

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