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By Dao M. Nguyen (auth.), Moulay Alaoui-Jamali (eds.)

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Management of complex cancers by way of sleek treatments might be hampered through the unavailability of effective medicines, and is the reason partly the excessive mortality premiums obvious in sufferers with complicated cancers. replacement treatments, relatively these utilizing formulations derived from natural, marine and animal items, are wealthy assets of chemically different and intricate molecules with the capability to find novel medications. substitute and Complementary cures for melanoma is exclusive within the box, because it provides the growth and boundaries of different remedies via an strange interface of conventional and smooth strategies assembled by means of famous specialists (from China, India, united states, Canada, and Europe) in scientific oncology, replacement drugs, melanoma pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. present advancements from scientific and regulatory views are provided, parts of controversy and strength integration of other and complementary remedies are highlighted, and destiny views for the invention of natural materials that can supplement anticancer medicines are discussed.

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The traditional Sidha medicine, Bhallatak, was studied in breast cancer cell lines MCF–7 (ER positive) and MDA-231 (ER-negative) for anticancer activity. Hexane and chloroform fractions showed superior anticancer activity and enhanced radiosensitivity and chemosensitivity when treated in combination with radiation and doxorubicin. The indication of anticancer activity against the ER-negative breast cancer cell line is of significant importance [121]. Antimutagenic and antimicrobial activities of water, alcohol extracts, and oil of nuts in vitro were reported [122, 123].

Vaidya et al. 2 Phytochemistry The S. anacardium nuts have been studied extensively for diverse biological activities. Most of the biological work has been carried out on S. anacardium oil, which has been variably characterized and identified at the chemistry level. The oil contains phenolic compounds, which on long standing get oxidized to quinines; hence, it must be preserved under inert gas to avoid oxidation as well as to retain biological activities. The major phenolic compounds, namely monoene pentadecyl Catechol I (Bhilwanol A) and dienepentadecyl catechol II (Bhilwanol B), have been identified and reported [104].

Cragg and colleagues, over the years, have covered plants as a source of anticancer agents. However, these papers and reviews do not cover many plants from Ayurveda [13, 14]. Cragg reviews how most interesting molecules have emerged from anticancer plants, including vinca alkaloids, etoposide, podophyllotoxin, Taxol, camptothecin, and their derivatives. Pandey and Sharma similarly covered the phytoactives as well as the anticancer plants from India [15]. Earlier, Redkar and Jolly had reviewed natural products as anticancer agents, with an emphasis on nutraceuticals: fruits, vegetables, and spices [16].

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