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By Margaret Weis

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The area of Krynn is ever altering, or even the gods should be taken suddenly. And if that’s precise of the gods, what likelihood can an insignificant mortal have? stuck up in forces none of them may perhaps wish to stand by myself, a small yet made up our minds band of adventurers come jointly in a determined try and cease an invasion.

Mina, as enigmatic as ever, escapes imprisonment to trigger on a quest that might attempt even her substantial will. all of the whereas, evil spreads around the land, gaining flooring with each one new day. With lots at stake, with the very soul of Krynn at the line, champions needs to be discovered even within the darkest locations.

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A Hellenic blackguard likely cares nothing for the philosophical concept of evil, and is instead supernaturally wicked and cruel just by nature. ” • The dragon disciple is generally inappropriate for a Hellenic fantasy game, as the dragons in such a setting are not inclined to breed half-dragons and other such hybrids. However, this prestige class might be permitted as a racial prestige class for spartes, allowing those earth-born with sorcerous powers to draw on the might of the dragon whose teeth gave rise to their ancestors.

The most obvious rationale for the existence of paladins is the patronage of Athena. Although even Athena is prone to acts of petty revenge in the myths, she is commonly interpreted as lawful good for the sake of gaming, and in some settings her cruel and vain side may be diminished. Even if Athena herself does not hold to the equivalent of a paladin’s code, she is still a war goddess devoted to the defense of cities, and opposed to the clearly chaotic and savage ethos of Ares. Apollo may also serve as a patron to paladins, particularly those who oppose the evil creatures that spawn in the night; such paladins are often given to pursuing music, art or poetry in their spare time to further honor their god.

Depending on the sorcerer’s concept, the GM may wish to waive the cost for acquiring a familiar. If the sorcerer has a few extra obligations due to a pact with an entity, it might be fair to balance out those requirements by having his daimon be a gift. It would also be appropriate to allow sorcerers to ignore the material components for any spells that require material components costing 1 gp or less, as if permanently under the influence of the Eschew Materials feat. ) Apart from these options, and any potential changes made to the spell list (such as those offered in Chapter 4), no rules changes for the sorcerer are necessary.

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