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2. 1913, P. 405. 3. Pruvost, 1921, p. 79. 4. 56. 1898, p. 154. 1910. P- 736. 1911, p. 1,080. GENERAL CONCLUSIONS 43 (c) SUMMARY. 1. The ammonite-faunas of the Upper Kimmeridge Clay are now described for the first time. In the lowest horizon considered, representatives of three series of ammonites occur and are described under the new generic names, Virgatosphinctoides, Allovirgatites, and Sphinctoceras. Each of these genera gives rise to variants which at present appear to be practically isochronous and are considered as warranting specific rank.

Ill, No. 203, The Mcsozoic Rocks in some of the Coal Explorations in Kent. Mem. Geol. Surv. Sur quelques Ammonites du jurassique supérieure du Boulonnais. Bull. Soc. GeoI. France, ser. 4, t. XI, pp. 457-462. The Fauna of the Spiti Shales (Lamellibranchiata and Gastropods). Pal. Indica, ser. XV, fasc. 4, pp. 397-456. Certain Upper Jurassic Strata of England. , Vol. LXIX, pp. 423-432. The derived Cephalopoda of the Hoklerness Drift. , Vol. LXTX, p. 169. Die Gleiderung des oberen Jura in Nordwesteuropa.

The typically Russian " virgate " ammonites, however, seem to be totally absent from English strata, even the recently-recorded2 " Virgatites " from Dorset recalling the development of Virgatosphinctoides rather than that of Virgatites, Moreover, the exact horizon of the Lower Volgian is still uncertain, though this deposit is usually correlated with the Lower Tithonian of Southern Europe. Mr. Buckman considers it to be much later than Upper Kimmeridge• —" perhaps later than Gigantan "3 [Upper Portland].

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