An illustrated guide to the mountain stream insects of by J. V. Ward, Boris C. Kondratieff, R. E. Zuellig PDF

By J. V. Ward, Boris C. Kondratieff, R. E. Zuellig

ISBN-10: 0870812602

ISBN-13: 9780870812606

It is a finished source at the biology, ecology, and systematics of aquatic bugs of Rocky Mountain streams. This richly illustrated and up to date quantity comprises descriptions of mountain circulate ecosystems and habitats; simplified identity keys to the bugs of Colorado Mountain streams; transparent, well-labelled drawings; and an intensive bibliography. Species' distributions by way of drainage basin are supplied for mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies, the 3 orders for which such information can be found.

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The special conditions and fauna of regulated streams, lotic segments below dams, are considered in the section that deals with the impacts of man on running waters. In this section discussion will be limited to temporary streams and thermal springs. Temporary or intermittent streams exhibit surface flow during only Page 14 a portion of each year (Williams 1987). Aquatic species utilize five strategies to survive the dry phase (Hynes 1970a). Some species survive the dry phase in isolated pools.

60). Some insects use silk and sticky secretions to maintain position in current. Larval black flies attach a mat of interwoven silk to the substrate to which they attach themselves by means of the posterior circlet of hooks. In addition, they spin a "safety line" of silk that is used during accidental or purposeful (predator avoidance) dislodgement. " They subsequently are able to work their way back to their original position using the silken strand for guidance and support. Black flies pupate in a silken case (Fig.

The flowing water (Wallace and Merritt 1980). Collector-gatherers are deposit feeders adapted to utilize sedimentary organic matter. Predators are adapted for capturing and consuming other animals, which are normally consumed whole or in large pieces. A few predators, however, are adapted for piercing their prey and sucking out the body fluids. Specific examples of these feeding mechanisms are presented in the next section. Several studies have dealt with food habits of insects in Colorado mountain streams (Richardson and Gaufin 1971; Mecom 1972b; Fuller and Stewart 1977, 1979; Gray and Ward 1979; Short et al.

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An illustrated guide to the mountain stream insects of Colorado by J. V. Ward, Boris C. Kondratieff, R. E. Zuellig

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