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This new research is an immense contribution to signal language learn and to literature normally, the complicated grammatical, phonological and morphological platforms of signal language linguistic constitution and their function in signal language poetry and function. Chapters care for repetition and rhyme, symmetry and stability, neologisms, ambiguity, subject matters, metaphor and allusion, poem and function, and mixing English and signal language poetry. significant poetic performances in either BSL and ASL--with emphasis at the paintings of the deaf poet Dorothy Miles--are analyzed utilizing the instruments supplied within the e-book

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She wanted people to enjoy her work. There is no great metaphysical meaning to be had from The Cat (p. 240), and there is no hidden meaning. It is simply a pleasurable romp in sign language and it makes us smile. Sign language poetry also shows hearing people the beauty and complexity of sign language and teaches them to respect Deaf culture, proving to them that sign language poetry is possible. No one would express surprise that the English, Arabic or Inuit languages have poetry, yet when most hearing people learn that sign poetry exists, their reaction is one of surprise.

20 Analysing Sign Language Poetry The paradox that outsiders know more about the principles behind the highest language art-form of a community than the members themselves do is balanced by the fact that only a member of the community can compose and perform and really understand all the cultural implications of the poetry. Analysis and critical appreciation are still new concepts to most members of the Deaf world (although this is slowly changing), but creating sign language poetry and appreciating it as part of a cultural identity is still an inside job.

Variation and repetition Although these repeated handshapes described in these poems are an important part of repetitive patterning in sign language poetry, we also need to consider poems that use ‘varying patterns’ of handshapes. In ASL especially, there is a long tradition in the Deaf community of language games using numbers and letters of the manual alphabet. ) The aim of the games is to produce a meaningful story using signs that share the handshape of sequences of numbers or letters. We saw in Chapter 1 that signs may coincidentally share the same handshape as a manual letter.

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