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By Hugh Nibley

Dr. Hugh W. Nibley, professor emeritus of old scriptures at Brigham younger college, gave the next twenty-six lectures in an honors classification at the Pearl of serious fee. This classification was once videotaped within the Maesar development in the course of wintry weather semester 1986 and the textual content was once then transcribed and is integrated the following during this publication.

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It can't possibly mean that. It's given another interpretation. It doesn't mean that he has eyes; it just means there's an awareness there. He can't be like us in any sense. When it says we are in His image, they would say that's allegorical. " He is in the image of man, but he is invisible. Of course, an image is something that you can see. But an invisible image is what God is, they claimed. It's like saying soundless music or odorless perfume. It's a contradiction of terms to say an invisible image.

And because of this disagreement it shows that we are not walking in a straight and simple path, in the plain path, as the scripture says; in the plain way, which incidentally is a good Egyptian expression. H. Dodd who has also visited here. " He wonders what can possibly be the point of the entire corpus. We've lost everything is what he is telling us here in editing that big book on the New Testament. And, Nephi tells us again here that there were certain things he was not allowed to write down because he said they would be written down by John.

You think you can, but you can't. We will refer to that later. Well, that led to another question, a corollary of that. Well, if I live after death, will I remember? Will I be myself after death, or would I turn into some other creature? Transmigration. What's the point of living after death if you cease to be yourself and start to be somebody else? That is part of many religions, as you know, and that wouldn't satisfy him at all. So whether there is any life for me at all after death; and secondly, after I leave will I be the same person?

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