T. J. O'Malley's Artillery: Guns & Rocket Systems PDF

By T. J. O'Malley

Booklet by way of O'Malley, T. J.

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35 1 Giat 105 mm LG1 Light Gun mm France LG1 Light Gun was developed as a private venture by Giat Industries to provide potential markets pump with an artillery piece suitable for use by special forces operating in difficult terrain. is stated to take only 30 seconds. The usual tractor vehicle is a light truck and for towing over long distances the barrel can be reversed over the trails to make the towed load more stable when crossing uneven The 105 Three prototypes were produced by 1987, with production following an order placed by Singapore in 1990 for 'at least' 36 examples, the last of which was delivered in 1 99 1 Singapore operates the LG1 in two battalions, each with three .

The former Yugoslavia was offering a 39-calibre version of the D-20 which was apparently accepted by the former Yugoslav Army - its present status is uncertain. Romania has in service a locally-developed towed howitzer known as the Model Ml 985 which demonstrates some D-20 features. The Chinese-manufactured version is the 152 Type 66. 51 kg Depression/elevation: -5°/+63° 152 Traverse: 58° 1 52 mm Type 66, the Chinese version of the mm Gun-howitzer D-20. 29 152 mm Howitzer 2A65 The 152 mm Howitzer 2A65 may be regarded as the latest of the long line of 152 mm field howitzers of Soviet and now CIS origin As yet relatively few details regarding the 2A65.

For anti-tank operations the HEAT M67 projectile is fired to penetrate mm of armour at direct fire ranges. To reduce recoil forces the standard Type 56 is provided with a multi-baffle muzzle brake, although examples used by the 102 German Army feature a large single-baffle muzzle attachment. Specification First First prototype: 1956 production: 1957 Current users: over 30 countries Crew: 6 or 7 Weight in action: 1 290 kg Barrel length: 1 478 8m Width firing: 2 9 m Length firing: 4 Max range: 10575 m Munle velocity: 472 m/s Projectile weight: 14 97 kg Depression/elevation -5*7+65' Traverse: 36° m 1 05 mm Model 56 Pack Howitzer at maximum elevation.

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